Top 10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Odessa

Don’t let rain dampen your travel plans!  Thanks to our list of the activities to do in Odessa on rainy days you can get a quick mood lift even in the the wettest weather, also it’s a wonderful chance to see some parts of the city that you might otherwise miss. TOP 10 Odessa activities when it’s raining 1) Tour the Opera House and enjoy an opera performance. Rainy Saturdays, and Sundays are the time to catch a mid-day matinee performance. You can also visit Ukrainian Theatre, Russian Theatre or the Theatre of Music Comedy. All Odessa theatres are huge and gorgeous. 2) Go and see a movie in the movie – The film might be lousy but at least the cinema will be warm and dry 3) Go for a walk in the rain – some people consider that Odessa historic buildings look best in the rain. The glisten on the facades of the buildings highlights details which are difficult or impossible to see on a dry day. 4)  For good mood in this grey and rainy day you can go to Dolphins’ Show to Odessa Dolphinarium, where you will get just positive emotions from performance with white whales, Black Sea dolphins and seals; you can swim with dolphins after performance. On Saturday evening you can also share the time with your beloved person on romantic Dolphins’ Show. Couples of dolphins will dance for you and create the romantic atmosphere in such a lonely rainy day;) 5) We are situated in the heart of the city where you can visit lots of different restaurants for any taste. 6) Stay in ApartHotel Amerikano all day long, as you have comfortable doule bed with orthopedic mattress, plasma TV, free Wi-Fi, kitchen and warm shower. Practice your spying techniques by writing messages in code, using mirrors to write in reverse and making tin-can phones connected with string (yogurt pots can be used if you have no tins) Lemon juice is a good substitute for invisible ink: hold the paper up to a light to read. Acting the part with walkie-talkies and binoculars adds to the fun. 7) Get some shopping done in the malls. 8) Visit a gallery or a museum – Odessa has numbers of fine galleries and museums. You can find the list of them at and , and there is nothing like coming off a cold wet street into a warm gallery to encourage a person to take extra time in examining and thinking about the art. 9)  The best activity of all – get wet. Jump in puddles of water and make splashes all around!:) 10) Ring your mother.

Museums of Odessa

Visiting the museums and theatres, walking the old Odessa streets, feeling the salted smell in the air, going from the Black Sea – everything this helps the tourists to understand the main sense of Odessa people mentality, history of their traditions, the way of their thoughts. For many visitors, Odessa becomes the second home, because this city is able to unite different cultures, different nationalities and different languages. Odessites – is separate nationality, as we say! Odessa Archaeological Museum Addres: 4, Langeronovskaya str. Tel. +3 (0482) 22-01-71 Work schedule:10 a.m.till  5 p.m. daily (except Mondays) Web site   Odessa Archaeological Muzeum, one of the oldest inUkraine, was founded in 1825. Its development was promoted by the Odessa Society of antiquity and history, which had the right to carry out excavations in the Northern Black Sea Region.   There are more than 160 000 exhibits.  The house – Pushkin’s museum Address: 13, Pushkinskaya str. Tel : 25-10-34 Web-site:   You’ll visit an apartment in which there lived well-known writer A.S.Pushkin being in the reference inOdessa. Learn about its creativity during this period, products written inOdessaand aboutOdessa, its novels and historical events.    Fine Arts Museum of Odessa Sofievskaya str., 5а Ph./fax (0482) 23-82-72 Work schedule:10.30 a.m. till 6 p.m., box office till 5 p.m. (except Tuesdays)   The museum is located in Pototsky’s ancient palace. Here you can get acquainted with a magnificent collection of the most interesting products of painting, schedules, sculptures. Will see old russian icons, works of great Russian portraitists, and also Gold fund of picture gallery – Ayvazovsky’s pictures, Costandi, Kuindgy, Vereschagin, Vrubel and many other things.    A Museum of Westernand Eastern art Address: 9, Pushkinskaya str. Tel: 722-48-15 Website:   Here you will see cloths of Italian masters: Michelangelo da Karavadjo, Alessander Maniasko, Franchesko Gvardi, Bernardo Bellotto, and also expositions of Flemish and Dutch painting and many other magnificent cloths worldwide known artists.    Odessa Regional History Museum Addres: 4, Gavanaya,Odessa,Ukraine Tel.: 22-84-90 Web-site:   In this museum you learn about region, Architecture and an accomplishment of Old Odessa, the Political life of city, a cultural life of city dwellers and many other things about city.    Оdessa state literature museum 2, Langeronovskaya str. Ph./fax (0482) 22-33-70, 22-32-13 Work schedule:10 a.m. till 5 p.m. daily (except Mondays)   The collections located in 24 halls of the museum utilize real historical objects to trace the history of literaryOdessa. More than three hundred writers are represented to the public. Rare editions, manuscripts, photos, albums, related objects are on view here. The exhibition is divided into six collections.        OdessaMuseumof Numismatics Address: 33, Grecheskaya str. Web-site:   Odessa Museum of Numismatics is the first Ukrainian historical museum of new type whose tasks became studying the history of coinage and money circulation of the Ukrainian state and also preservation and demonstration the major historical relics belonging to ancient history and culture of the Northern Black Sea Region and Rus-Ukraine. In September 1994 whenOdessacelebrated its 200 th anniversary in city was open the permanent numismatics exhibition. In January 1999 it has been reorganized in the Odessa Museum of Numismatics..        The Jewish museum   66,Nejinskaya Street Work schedule:every day from 13:00-19:00 (except for Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish holidays) and on Sundays from 10:00 – 16:00.  Migdal is a large unique Jewish non-profit organization that offers numerous services to the Jewish Community of Odessa, Ukraine as well as conducts cultural and educational exchange with Jewish Communities worldwide through exhibits, seminars, conferences, and other programs. So far we conducted exchange programs with our colleagues fromIsrael,America,AustriaandGermany.        “Filiki Aeteria” museum  Greek Culture Fund Branch Odessa65026 20, Krasny lane Tel. +380/482-357136 , 7242069, 7242254 Fax +380/482-346640 Work schedule: Monday – Friday:10 a.m till 5 p.m.Day-offs: Saturday, Sunday    MuseumofPartisanGlory More then400 kmof natural sandstone catacombs are buried beneathOdessa. The part of catacombs used by resistance fighters in 1941 (World War II) is open to public. Down in the catacombs, the first thing that strikes you is an absolute darkness, intense humidity and profound silence. So, definitely it is not for the claustrophobic. Address:village of Nerubayskoye,35 kmfromOdessa.    Memorial of heroic defense  The memorial museum On the area in16 hectareshas settled down an original museum open-air with the developed exposition of samples of military technology and arms of the basic sorts and kinds of armed forces of the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. The input on a memorial is crowned with sculptural forms in a kind “katyusha”        

15 best restaurants in Odessa

Dacha restaurant 85 Frantzusky Boulevard; Tel: 7143119 web: Modeled on the Russian Dacha. However to give you a more better picture just imagine an old colonial house fronted by extensive gardens complete with veranda,whitewashed interior walls,old wooden floors and original cast iron bathroom suites,then you have a fair idea of what this place looks like. In the same ownership as, amongst others Greenwich Cafe,this very popular eaterie is located on the upmarket residential Frantzusky Boulevard. Choose between contemporary European or traditional Ukranian cuisine from the hand written menu. Irish Pub “Mick O’nells” 13 Deribasovskaya Street; tel: (8-0482) 268 – 437, 721 – 5333 Open 24 hours Irish pub is situated on the most famous street of Odessa.Have a look and you will not be disappointed. We can offer you cozy conditions, perfect service, rich assortment of dishes, delicious “Buffalo Chicken Wings”, 7 different sorts of beer, Irish apple-pie, billiards, desktop tennis, banquet hall, live music. You can meet many foreign quests there. We are working non-stop and waiting for You to visit us! SteakHouse: meat & wine Deribasovskay Street 20; Tell:380-482-348782 Open Daily:9 ?.m -12 p.m. Website: Unique restaurant ” ” in Odessa – cozy and stylish conditions, the various refined menu and, certainly our pride, – meat and wine – everything, that is necessary for romantic appointment, a business meeting, a friendly supper. A stylish interior and trifles, photos on walls, the Japanese small lamps, the laying, carefully picked up music. The soft sofas, muffled light, a cosiness and comfort have both to privacy, and to a good family party. Trying to get a good steak in Odessa is not an easy task. Restaurant «Boulevard» Yekaterininskaya square 1 (near Duke); Tel:+ 38 (048) 777-03-39 site: “Boulevard” is Odessa in miniature with its geography and history, consisting of legends, secrets, and, of course, facts. Our restaurant was built in 1828 upon the project of architect A.I. Melnikov. In the second half of XIX century here was very famous inn “Peterburgskaya”, established in 1832. On the ground floor was a luxurious restaurant, famous for its fish dishes. Restaurant “Pecheskago” City Garden; Tel:(8-048) 726 – 0979 Site: Features: DVD, TV, Wi-Fi, winter verandah, outdoor cafe! “Pecheskago” – Is the best place where you can try real Odessa cuisine. We continue traditions of the XXth century and offer you to try them compare enjoying our fashion interior. You can also try Ukrainian and Kaucasian cuisines.Perfect for: banquet, business lunch, sports fans, party, business meeting, international friends, conference, tourists, buffet Restaurant Fankoni 1872 Ekaterininskaya Street 15/17; Tel : + 380 (0) 482 34-66-66. Open Daily 24 a.m.- 24 a.m. VizaMaster card Music: DJ, House, chill-Out Features: Dj, TV, the VIP-zone, Wi-Fi, a hookah, a karaoke, summer platforms Ideally for: productive leisure, a business meeting, friends-foreigners, a breakfast, an early breakfast, romantic appointment, the high life, happy idleness Features: Dj, TV, the VIP-zone, Wi-Fi, a hookah, a karaoke, summer platforms Khutorok: fabulous restaurant Lanzheron Beach, Shevchenko park, Odessa, Phone: (048) 735-38-73, 735-43-28 This seaside restaurant takes you back to the 19th century Ukraine with its vegetable gardens, summer terraces and several generously decorated halls. Khutorok is a traditional Ukrainian restaurant reviving the national cuisine for both Ukrainians and foreign guests. Odessa residents and guests of the city are literally obliged to enjoy at least one evening in Khutorok, which is situated in the picturesque park of old fortress right above Langeron beach Restaurants Kobe 9, Lanzheronovskaya str., Odessa Working time: from 11.00 till 24.00 Table reservation: + 38 048 726 98 06 +38 096 173 19 06 Across the street from the opera theater. Japanese and European cuisine. Excellent Japanese food. The cook prepares the food in front of the guests. Sushi and sashimi are the most popular Japanese dishes in the world. The fresh and natural import products are used only. The variety of different types of sushi include about 20 kings of fresh sea a ocean fish.This wonderful and unforgettable then is performed by cooks from the country of rising sun. You don’t feel now the time passes as you are overfilled with emotions and delighted with taste. All dishes are cooked in our guests’ presence without using any magic Restaurant “Aleksandrovskiy” Odessa, Belinskogo str, 13 tel.: +38 (048) 725-11-11 web Among the trees of French Boulevard, hiding a beautiful old mansion, which the hospitable atmosphere of noble hospitality!It is the restaurant “Alexandrovskiy” – the embodied dream of Odessa’s gourmets! where a real Russian and French cuisine of Great Russia, come to us Restaurant Napoleon Odessa, gardens park Street Preobrazhenskaya, 28 Phone: 717 – 74 – 73 The coffee house – restaurant “Napoleon” has settled down in a cozy corner of a native city favourite by all inhabitants of Odessa – a city garden, in the ancient building constructed by architect Bernadatstsi. In this house there was A.S.Pushkin, meeting the loved Elizabeth Vorontsovoj. The restaurant associates with a delicacy refined by art taste, Atmosphere of style of life and dialogue. Restaurant Rozmarin Jewish kosher cuisine 46-a Malaya Arnautskaya street Tel.34-46-44;34-73-11 Open:Sun-Thu:10am – 11pm. Fri: 10 am – 3 pm. Web-site: Before WWII approximately half the population of Odessa was Jewish.So,Rozmarin,the towns foremost Jewish restaurant gets a deserved mention.The food is prepared according to strict Kosher guidelines e.g no meats are mixed with any dairy produce and bread is baked using only flour,yeast and water.The type of cuisine is both Ashkenizim and Sfaradim. Restaurant «Scarlet sails» European cuisine. 14 Ekaterininskaya Street tel: (8-0482) 253 – 438, 250 – 758 Open Daily:08.00a.m – 22.00 p.m «Scarlet sails» is one of the oldest restaurants of the city the history of which is more than half a century. «Scarlet Sails» was one of the first cafes for youth in Odessa (where to celebrate the opening of which came Akudgava himself. Corvin Pub – Restaurant Institution type: Restaurant, the Bar, the Pub. Kitchen: European.Lanzheronovskaya, street 17 Operating time: Monday – Thursday from 12:00 to 24:00 Friday, Saturday from 12:00 till The basic orientation of menu Corvin of restaurant – tasty European cuisine. Here everyone will find a dish to taste. Corvin it is always ready to surprise you with novelties as we update the menu each season. The restaurant will indulge with a choice of drinks, and to fans of strong alcohol we recommend to visit ours whisky – club. Restaurant Casanova Cuisine: italian, Assyrian Average bill: 50$ and above Deribasovskaya 4 Perfect for: Banquet, Business lunch, Business meetings, romantic dining, high life, family style dinning, notable wine list Stylish registration of interiors reminds visitors of solar Italy. Restaurant Ukrain’ska Lasunka Street Deribasovskaya, 17, Tel.: +38(048) 725-84-12, Cuisine: ukrainian Average bill: 30-50$ Credit cards: AMEX, MasterCard, VISA Perfect for: Banquet, Parties, Foreigners , late night dinning, marriage, family style dinning, buffet The basis of the menu of restaurants is made by the Ukrainian national dishes.

Do I need Visa to go to Odessa?

Ukrainian visa control is pretty much liberal to most developed countries, most of citizens can enter Ukraine without a visa with only passport alone. Thus, here is the list of countries that can visit Ukraine up to 90 days and do not need to obtain Ukrainian visa: Andorra Austria Belgium Canada Cuba Cyprus Czech  Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Japan Kazakhstan Korea (South) Kyrgyzstan  Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Monaco Mongolia Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Tajikistan Vatican City United Kingdom United States Uzbekistan   Visas are still required for those who intend to study, reside, or work in Ukraine. Citizens of other countries do require open visa to cross the boarder too, even some of “first     world countries”, such as Australia and New Zealand. Visa can be obtained from the Ukrainian Consulate of the Ukrainian Embassy in their own     country. Including the application date, the usual term for issuing visa is 10-15 days. If you need to rush the processing of visa there is double fee for it.   To issue a tourirst visa, you will need to have following documents: –         a passport valid for minimum 6 months after the return from the country; –         1 completed application form; –         1 photo; –         The original invitation (business/leisure invitation); –         Medical insurance for the duration of stay in the country   You will as well need to provide tourist purposes of your visit to the Consular Section which could be grounded with: –         reservation confirming the payment for stay in Ukrainian hotels; –         a tourist pass issued by a Ukrainian tourist organization, or –         a voucher issued by a tourist organization of your country   Note that you cannot get a Ukrainian visa even if you come to Ukraine without visa-free access  as being a citizen of one of the visa-free countries in the list at the top of this page. You must leave Ukraine and apply for a visa at any Ukrainian consulate abroad.   Visa application procedure is not difficult. Don’t worry if you write “Odesa” instead of “Odessa” or put your inviting party’s address in cyrillic. Those things don’t matter. However, it does matter that you have filled in the full name and address of your inviting party and that you have a temporary address in Ukraine. Failing to fill in these lines can be a reason for your application and passport being returned to you.  

Odessa Attractions

Odessa has acquired the recognition as one of foreigners’ favorite destinations in Ukraine. It is famous of its busy nightlife, its cultural events, its beautiful beaches and recreation opportunities. You can find restaurants, cafés, brasseries, boutiques and shops of all types to everyone’s personal taste but not a single city in Ukraine and in all neighbourhood can boast of such an abundance of monuments, memorial plaques as can Odessa. The best way to see this beauty is to stroll aimlessly around the city. A few of the attractions are of greater fame and importance so we will have a closer look on them. Opera and Ballet House Odessa Opera and Ballet House is to be called the oldest among numerous cultural institutions of Odessa as well as one of the most beautiful theaters in the world. It has an Italian baroque facade, with a Renaissance – style hall and stone figures showing scenes from Aristophanes and Euripides.   It is luxuriously decorated with a great number of ornaments, the ceiling is of a special interest. There are also allegorical stone sculptures of the Goddess of Tragedy; Orpheus, charming the centaur with his music; cherubs playing, singing and dancing. There are busts of Pushkin, Gogol, Griboyedov and Glinka, representing poetry, comedy, drama and music. Enormous chandelier that weights almost two and a half tons is striking by its tracery details, surrounded on the ceiling by frescoes depicting scenes from Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, A Winter’s Tale and As You Like It. The area of the stage is 500 m2. Special acoustics enhances sounds coming from the stage, even a whisper would be heard to the farthest part of the hall. It is a central masterpiece of this region indeed. We strongly recommend every visitor of Odessa to take a tour or visit a show at this magnificent structure. Besides, our Boutique Hotel Amerikano is just steps away from this wonderful building. Duke Armand-Emmanuel Richelieu After the opera house, take a stroll towards Potemkin Steps, but prior to taking a walk down towards the port note the central statue of Duke Richelieu, the first governor of Odessa. Visiting Russia in 1795, Richelieu was appointed lieutenant colonel of the Cuirassiers of St. George, and later Tsar Alexander I appointed him governor of Odessa and governor general of New Russia, the area between the Dniester River and the Caucasus. After cleaning up a corrupt administration, Richelieu transformed the Black Sea village of Odessa into a modern city. He constructed port facilities and encouraged agriculture and commerce.     Potemkin Steps Potemkin steps is a real business card of Odessa. The legendary staircase witnessed a 1905 battle between rebelling sailors and forces loyal to the Czar. The clash was immortalized in Eisenstein’s 1925 silent film, “Battleship Potemkin.” The steps were constructed by architect Boffo in the beginning of XIX century. The steps took four years to build and were completed in 1841. At first they were made of wood and consisted only of 200 steps but further reconstructed with stone and now you can count 192 steps along with 10 stair flights. Their structure is in fact mysterious as you are unable to see the steps at all when standing at the top – all you can see are those flights. However, when you stand below the steps, all you can see are the steps. It is an optical illusion. Take a stroll down the steps and come across the street to the port to catch a boat cruise. Primorskiy Boulevard The Boulevard is located in the heart of Odessa near the sea port. It starts from Greek Collonade and Vorontsov palace and runs up to Odessa City Hall and Pushkinskaya street. Primorskiy Boulevard was built in the XIXth century and is renowned as the best promenade places by lots of visitors taking a leisurely stroll through it. From the boulevard you can have a nice view on the sea harbor and the seaport itself. This boulevard is one of the most picturesque areas in Odessa.   Archeological Museum The statue of Laocoon marks the entrance to Odessa’s Archaeological Museum. One of the oldest in Ukraine, it was founded in 1825. Its development was promoted by the Odessa Society of antiquity and history, which had the right to carry out excavations in the Northern Black Sea Region. It contains more than 160,000 exhibits. They are the basis of one of the largest collection of information sources about ancient history of Northern Black Sea region. The museum possesses rich collection of archaeological relics of primitive and classical culture, relics of ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome, besides there is a large and valuable collection of coins and medals including ancient coins from the 6th century Before Christ and other ancient artifacts. Deribasovskaya Street The famous street is named after Don Josef de Ribas. Deribasovskaya street is something you learn first when coming to Odessa as it is the turning point, the very heart of the lively city which never stops beating. It has no vehicle traffic and is crowded with strolling people, full of cafes, bars and restaurants, as well as lots of popular monuments and statues. The street has been featured in thousands of books, films and songs, and remains one of the most significant in Ukraine. It is leading to the City Gardens of Odessa with its fountain, summerhouse and lion sculptures. It’s mostly impressive in summer with its green leafy trees and at night with its rich illumination. Late Night Arkadiya is the place to be where both tourists and local residences party to morning hours at the many hot summer clubs that are located along the beach line. There are some famous clubs here, such as Itaka, Ibiza, Western. These are the places that invite many famous artists from all over Europe and mostly Russia organizing impressive concerts, and regular music shows with light and special show effects that attract many visitors. You have to be quick enough to get the nice place in one of those dance halls as Arkadiya is already full by midnight. One of the great advantages is that nightlife in Odessa is both intense and relatively inexpensive so you can have a wonderful time wherever you decide to go.

About Odessa

History of Odessa begins in 1794 when Russian empress Catherine II decided to build a port on the Black Sea to have better trade connection with European countries. Odessa was a province called Novorossiya . During the Russian-Turkish of 1787-91, well-known nowadays Don Josef de Ribas as an emperor’s serving soldier stormed the fortress of Yeni-Dunai at Khadzhibei which was region’s principal port. He recommended Khadzhibei as the best place for the region’s principal port. Catherine the Great gave her consent to the Novorossiya Governor to finance the project of building a harbor at its place. From that time the settlement was given name Odessa. It was to be named after ancient Greek city of Odessos or Odissos which was believed to be found nearby. Russians and Ukrainians pronounced it as “Adessa” and Catherine II liked it deciding to leave it this way. The main street Deribasovskaya was named after Don Josef de Ribas. Duke de Richelieu, a young French emigrant was appointed as a mayor of Odessa by Tsar Alexander I in 1803. He was an exemplary governor who enlarged his authority serving simultaneously as the governor of the three provinces of Novorossiya. In the 11 years of his administration the Duke de Richelieu gained an extraordinary reputation for statesmanship and sense, both abroad and in Russia. After cleaning up a corrupt administration, Richelieu transformed the Black Sea village of Odessa into a modern city. He constructed port facilities and encouraged agriculture and commerce. Duke left Odessa in 1814 for France still keeping tight ties with the Imperial Russian Court. His famous statue points out to the sea at Odessa seaport near Potemkin steps. Odessa was grown to a strong commercial, industrial and cultural center in the south of Russia and the largest seaport on the Black Sea. It became an advanced European city. A lot of nations and nationalities that came to Odessa made their contribution to the culture, trade and management of the city thus making it a fusion of the best features brought from all over the world. Everyone can find something to their taste in Odessa and it’s been always a multinational city. Offering free port trade Odessa was struggling due to competitive overseas products as local goods could not match in quality. There was a long discussion between supporters and opponents of the tax regime until the Crimean War (1853-56) revealed the bankruptcy of Russian closed economy. The reforms were made and free port regime finally abolished. Nowadays the city of Odessa is an important port and industrial complex and one of the largest urban territories on the entire Black Coast. It is also a major resort area that developed in the most popular tourist attractions of southern Ukraine. Odessa is known as the jewel of the Black Sea and the Ukrainian Riviera.